MiMO tips to NRIs - 1

I promised to be honest, didn't I? I am being honest today. 

I could not find a topic that excited me to talk about yesterday. Usually I scan newspapers and find suitable topics on current mental health news. Nothing exciting in newspapers. So decided to spin a yarn.

There are a lot of young Indian abroad now. And naturally they would be worried about their elderly parents back home right?

Here is a tip 
If your elderly parents are having memory problems, don't think of Dementia straight away. (Read all about Dementia here  http://www.mindmattersonline.com/site/information/14/Syndromes/Dementia).

There is another and more emergency problem that may cause memory problems in eldelry people. It is called Delirium.

Delirium is usually a medical emergency and is the first common problem to be ruled out before considering Dementia. And, here is the catch, physicians rather than psychiatrists, are better in ruling this problem out.

So, basically, what I am saying is, if your parents have memory problems, DO NOT RUSH TO PSYCHIATRISTS FIRST.

Have them checked up by physicians first and if they rule out Delirium, come to us psychs then.

My share holders are going to love this post ;)
A CEO asking his prospective clients to go first to other drs.

But that is the way this cookie crumbles.............. 

Dr Raghu
A MiMOan